Zipline FAQ

  • How safe is zip lining?
  • Our course and equipment is inspected daily, and our guides receive continual training to maintain the highest standard of safety at all times. Once each year, our course undergoes a rigorous inspection and evaluation by ABEE. This company is accredited by the Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT). Our guides also are certified annually by ABEE.

    Here is a recent stellar evaluation from ABEE, Board Member Company of the Association of Challenge Course Technology:

    “The Zip Wire course at Princeville Ranch Adventures is in excellent condition as usual. The manner in which it is maintained and managed is state-of-the-art in professionalism and standard compliance. Princeville Ranch Adventures runs a model Zip Wire service of the highest quality. ABEE will continue to promote this course to colleagues and all inquires as excellent in regards to safety and operation.”

  • How far in advance should I make my reservation?
  • To ensure that you get your first choice, we recommend at least 2 weeks ahead. We usually have openings even one day in advance, but availability may be limited. Call us to find out!

    Four weeks in advance is best if there are five or more in your group or during busy seasons. These busy times are summer (June through August), Thanksgiving week (third week in November) and Christmas/New Year’s (December 15 through January 15).

  • How many guests are usually on a tour?
  • Approximately 6-15 persons depending on the tour.

  • When is the meal served? Should I eat before going on tour?
  • Approximately halfway or 3/4 of the way through your tour. Snacks are available for purchase in our office.

  • Can I order a vegetarian or other special meal?
  • Yes, you can order a vegetarian picnic: make-your-own sandwich on pita bread with hummus, havarti and jack cheeses, cucumber, sprouts, lettuce and onion.

    The condiments are mayonnaise and Grey Poupon mustard. A chocolate chip cookie and potato chips complete the meal.

    Please order any vegetarian selections at the time of reservation. Advance notice is required.

  • Do you provide transportation from my hotel?
  • We do not provide transportation to our check-in office however check with your hotel, some hotels do shuttle guests to our location.

  • Will there be guides on the tours?
  • Yes, our fun, safe and professional guides lead you on your adventure from start to finish!


  • How do we carry our stuff with us on the tour?
  • Lightweight backpacks are offered for all tours.

  • Are water shoes ok for zip lining?
  • We ask that you wear closed toe sneakers that can get wet and muddy or all terrain hybrid water shoes with a solid toe and sole. (No aqua socks, crocks or 5-fingered toe shoes)

  • Are rental shoes available?
  • Yes, we offer sturdy all-terrain, hard-toe trail sandals at $5.00 a pair. There are both children’s and adult sizes (women’s and men’s).

  • Can I bring a camera on tour?
  • Absolutely, please do. Bring along your video camera as well!

  • Does your company take photos or videos for us?
  • Yes, our guides will be taking pictures of you along the tour, especially in areas that would be otherwise hard for you to get a photo of yourself. The pictures will be downloaded to a computer screen for viewing after your tour and you may purchase a USB of the photos for $19.99.

  • Will I get wet on tour?
  • Most likely—it rains almost every day on Kauai, at least for a short while! We recommend wearing clothing and shoes that can get muddy. Kauai is famous for its rich, red soil. And remember, a passing shower is considered a blessing in Hawaii!

  • Do tours go out when it is raining?
  • Yes, our tours go out rain or shine. In the event we determine weather is hazardous, we may cancel the tour and guests may be rescheduled..

  • What if a child is 9 years old and weighs 80 pounds. Can he/she do your zip line tour?
  • He/she would be welcome on the Jungle Valley Adventure, and the Off Road Adventure, which have 2 fun, fast zip lines, both over 400 feet long.

  • How can I pay for my tour?
  • We accept Discover, Master Card, Visa, cash and Travelers Checks.

  • When I'm zip lining, will I have to brake myself or control my speed?
  • Our guides will do this for you, ensuring your safety and giving you extra time to scream!

  • My partner wants to zip but I just want to watch, can I come along?
  • You could go on our Jungle Valley Adventure, or our Off Road Adventure, with 2 fun, fast zip lines, both over 400 feet long. The zip lining is optional. The tour is set up so you can watch everyone zip and cheer them on!

    Non-participants are not allowed on the Zip ExpressZip N’ Dip or the Ride N’ Glide.

  • Are there any restroom on your tour?
  • We have restrooms at our check-in office. These are the only ‘porcelain facilities’ you’ll encounter while on tour!


Horseback Ride FAQ

  • What type of saddles do you ride in?
  • We use Western saddles for all of our trail rides. Our horsemanship lessons offer English and Western saddles.

  • Is the ride nose to tail?
  • We encourage riders to spread out and enjoy their horse!

  • What if I'm only a beginner?
  • We take all levels of riders. We give a pre-ride orientation to everyone, so that you are familiar with certain terms and comfortable with your horse.

  • Are there height-to-weight ratios?
  • Yes there are. Please call for details or click here to view a chart.

  • Is the ride walking only? Can we run the horses?
  • Yes, The Waterfall Picnic Ride, the Ride ‘N Glide, and the Paniolo Ride are walking only. Safety is our main concern! If one horse trots off, so may the rest. We have various riding levels on these tours, so beginner riders would be at a disadvantage. If you would like to do more than walk, you may want to book a private ride.

  • Can we run the horses on the private ride?
  • The guide determines what would be best for the rider. However, most private rides can do more than a walk.

  • Can we ride on the beach?
  • The State of Hawaii does not allow commercial horseback riding on the beach.

  • What if it rains?
  • We go out rain or shine. We have rain jackets on the back of every saddle. We will cancel a ride if we think it’s unsafe.

  • Can my child and I double up and ride together on one horse?
  • Adults and children ride separately. Each rider has his/her own horse. Children must be a minimum of 8 years old to trail ride. Our horsemanship lessons take children as young as 4 years old.

  • I'm pregnant. Can I still ride?
  • Pregnant women are not allowed to ride.

  • How difficult is the hike?
  • The hike is rated moderate-to-difficult and includes a short steep trail, up and down rough hewn steps with rope handholds. The hike out hike includes a waterfall crossing and a climb up a 10-foot rock wall, where you’ll be secured by a safety belt and assisted by your guide.

  • What's the difference between Princeville Ranch and other riding adventures?
  • Princeville Ranch has been a working cattle ranch since 1831 and we presently have a herd of 300 cattle on the ranch. We are family run and operated and have been offering horseback rides since 1978. Our natural horsemanship philosophy and the care we give our horses is paramount to us. We are continually training our horses and take great pride in providing quality horseback rides with attention to safety.

  • How many people will be on my ride?
  • One guide can escort 7 guests. If the ride is 8 or more, we will add another guide. Most rides are 6-7 guests.

  • We have a really big group. Can all of us go together on one ride?
  • Yes, large groups are welcome! Just be sure to call well in advance.

  • Are we riding up to the mountains? Are there any cliffs? Is it rocky?
  • We ride through our pastures. The terrain is generally flat, with some hilly areas. The footing is grassy with some areas of red clay and dirt. We do not ride up into the mountains, but we do enjoy beautiful mountain and ocean views.

  • What kind of horses do you have?
  • We have quarter horses and quarter/draft crosses. All of our horses are geldings.

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